COVID-19 Readiness

Update 11/5/2021

To all ATEK Team Members,

As many of you have heard, OSHA’s Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) was released yesterday. Like many companies, ATEK has been waiting since early September, when President Biden issued a 6-step COVID Action Plan, to learn more about the standard and how it will impact us. There is still much to learn from the 490 page publication, but the highlights as we understand them today are:

  • Impacts all companies with 100+ employees
  • Employers must request proof of vaccination in order to avoid weekly testing requirements for non-vaccinated employees
  • Employers must provide reasonable paid time-off to employees seeking vaccination
  • Employees who do not provide satisfactory proof of being fully vaccinated are subject to mandatory testing and masking
  • No obligation on the employer to pay for costs associated with the regular testing of unvaccinated workers for COVID-19 or their use of face coverings

Over the next few days our HR and leadership team will learn more and connect with subject matter experts. We are committed to providing you updates on the details of the ETS and what it means to all of us.

In the meantime, please continue to adhere to the COVID safety protocols at your location and stay well.

Mark L. Osmanski

President & Chief Executive Officer

ATEK Companies, LLC


Update March 20, 2020

To Our Suppliers and Customers,

We recognize the unprecedented nature of this global crisis.  In response to the continued escalation of coronavirus (COVID-19) and following the social distancing guidance issued by public health authorities, ATEK Metal Technologies will significantly reduce production at our New Hampton, Iowa facility on March 23, 2020 until April 3, 2020.

As we considered a variety of factors, in order to best support our employees, we are implementing this reduction to minimize the risk and greater exposure in our communities.  We intend to continue to staff critical functions to support our customers remotely.  As a result of this, we will have limited receiving & shipping during this time period. Some of the products that you supply may or may not be required during this period, the purchasing department will advise you of such requirements.

As your plans continue to be adjusted and implemented based on the changing environment, we will work with you to monitor the status of your operations and recovery plans, as it will be critical to ATEK operations resuming production as planned.

We deeply appreciate your understanding during this difficult period.  As the situation develops, we will keep you informed of any changes and wish you and your teams good health!

We request that you communicate your shutdown (if applicable) and restart plans with –

Joe Brown                   President            608-515-4549

Heather Burrows        Controller        641-394-1714

Dawn Sauer                 Program Mgr.             248-514-8862   

Communications between our organizations is critical, please keep us appraised of any changes that may arise.


Joe Brown

President, ATEK Metal Technologies


Update: 3-19-20

To: Our Valued Customers

ATEK Metals has taken proactive steps to protect the workplace in the event of an infectious disease outbreak. It is the goal of ATEK Metals during any such time period to strive to operate effectively and ensure that all essential services are continuously provided and that employees are safe within the workplace.

ATEK Metals will ensure a clean workplace, including the regular cleaning of objects and areas that are frequently used, such as bathrooms, break rooms, conference rooms, door handles, railings and shared office equipment. A committee is designated to monitor and coordinate events around an infectious disease outbreak, as well as to create work rules that could be implemented to promote safety through infection control.

ATEK Metals has limited business travel until further notice, established telecommuting options where possible and protocols for any employee who is sick for any reason. We are working closely with our suppliers to ensure a continuous supply of raw materials.

By taking these precautions we are committed to operating our manufacturing facilities to maintain a continuous supply of products to our customers.

As the situation evolves, we will communicate with each of you. If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Joseph Brown

President, ATEK Metal Technologies
Phone: (641)394-1723

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