Metal Processing Institute (MPI) Advanced Casting Research Center (ACRC)

ATEK Metal Technologies joined fellow ACRC members at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) to celebrate 30 years of Industry – University collaboration.  “This is an outstanding example where industry and academia join hands to push metal processing technology to new limits”, said Tom Christie, President of ATEK Metal Technologies.  ATEK has been a member of MPI’s ACRC for well over 5 years and is currently an active member of the steering committee.

Current ACRC member funded projects include:

  • Aluminum Nano-Composites for Elevated Temperature Applications
  • Clean Aluminum: Processing Methodologies and Performance on Mechanical Properties
  • Alternate Eutectic Systems for Aluminum Casting Alloys
  • Casting of Dissimilar Metals

There are 33 member companies in the ACRC representing a broad spectrum of the industry including major OEM’s, metal processing equipment and material suppliers, and technology driven foundry operations.  These companies actively collaborate with WPI and the Metal Processing Institute to advance the creation of new technologies in the metal processing industry.