Casting Technologies


ATEK Metal Technologies delivers the highest quality, custom aluminum castings, using a wide range of technologies, for almost any market or specification you can think of.

ATEKlean Cast

Our breakthrough, production-ready casting method that we developed and trademarked delivers a much smoother surface finish than traditional LPPM processes. This engineered surface approach is particularly valuable in cosmetic applications where the smoother casting surface can eliminate labor-intensive and costly processes required to prepare the casting for painted, powder-coated or plated finishes.

ATEKlean Cast - Traditional LPPM Casting

Low Pressure Permanent Mold
& Semi Permanent Mold

Our low-pressure permanent mold process is ideal for castings with intricate designs, complex geometries and thin wall sections. Its advantages include reduced post mold finishing, higher material yields, minimal gas porosity or dross formation, and superior mechanical properties. We use long life steel dies for medium to high volume production.

Gravity Pour Permanent Mold
& Semi Permanent Mold

Our gravity pour permanent mold casting process includes both tilt and static pour methods. This provides maximum gating flexibility, resulting in excellent molding characteristics and physical properties. It’s the ideal solution for parts with adjacent thick and thin sections. We use long life steel dies for medium to high volume production.

Understanding the implications of gravity pour and low-pressure counter gravity filling of permanent molds

Casting Equipment

  • 11 low pressure permanent mold machines
  • 6 H3 & H5 tilt pour machines
  • Static pour gravity mold station with automated metal transfer system

Casting Capabilities

  • Low pressure – up to 120 pounds
  • Gravity pour – up to 200 pounds
  • Volumes ranging from 2,000 units up to 500,000 units EAU

Performance Metrics

  • World class quality on complex, high volume production
  • 100% on-time delivery record maintained year after year
  • Industry leading lead times
  • Exceptional response to customer demand fluctuations

Melt and Process Control

  • Chemistry / alloy control
  • Management of real time production data
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