Process Technologies


ATEK Metal Technologies will work with you like a seamless extension of your operation.You’ll get one-to-one access to a level of technical and design expertise that you can’t find anywhere else.

Core Making & Assembly

We have extensive expertise in designing, manufacturing and assembling complex sand cores. Our semi permanent mold castings contain both isocure and shell cores to produce highly complex geometries.

The isocur® process produces cores in a cold box, binding the sand together using a phenolic urethane resin. The sand and resin air-set and can be dipped in a coating material to produce an exceptional surface finish. We use various sands and aggregates to make simple cores as well as complex multi-core assemblies.

The shell core process pre-coats the sand with a resin before pouring it into a pre-heated core box. Heat is applied to the surface until a thin, hard shell is formed. We use shell cores to reduce the bulk and mass of a core within a casting, or for castings that require tight dimensional controls and good surface finish.

Heat Treat Systems

Our multiple heat treat systems ensure castings are efficiently heated to the required specifications. We can meet the most demanding requirements from solution heat treat, age and rapid air or water quench using drop bottom heat treat technology. Common temper designations range from T3 to T7.

Tier 1 Supplier

OEMs rely on ATEK Metal Technologies as a single source supplier for:

  • Powder coating
  • Finish Machining
  • Assembly
  • Plating

We can provide a fully finished cast product, from preliminary design to finished assembly. We’ll help simplify the purchase process and manage all the details within an established, technology based supply chain.

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