Engineering and Quality Engineering services that reduce the time to market.

ATEK Metal Technologies engineers will take time to understand your goals and work to get your products to market faster. Our optimal product design and process controls ensure you receive highly reliable, premium castings, time after time.

We deliver premium castings using optimal designs,
best processes and comprehensive services.

Solidification Modeling

Solidification Modeling

We use EKK software to run casting simulations on all new projects to verify the design and ensure accurate molds prior to tool build.

Tooldesign Alt

Tool Design

We design and build some of the industry’s most complex permanent mold tools. Once a casting CAD model is created, we’ll design and manufacture the mold and core boxes within your specified timeframe.

Dimensional Verification

Dimensional Verification

We perform CMM dimensional inspection and digital scanning to verify the casting geometry meets your required tolerance. Digital scanning of the casting, tooling and cores (when applicable) allows data comparison to the CAD model and locates any precise dimensional deviation.

Atek 0749 F Lowres


All new projects follow a rigorous APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) development process to ensure program success. Additionally, we perform a detailed PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) to adhere to your requirements or in accordance with current AIAG standards.

Quality controls and testing ensure castings
meet your specifications.

Continuous Improvement

Our process technicians implement continuous improvement initiatives throughout ATEK Metal Technologies. We utilize Six Sigma principles to eliminate waste and reduce process variations. These lean principles result in lower costs, reduced scrap rates, better efficiencies and improved process consistency.


We are committed to providing high-quality casting products and services at competitive prices. Each of our employees is responsible for meeting quality objectives.

Metallurgical Lab

We have the equipment and expertise to verify aluminum quality every step of the way, from incoming raw materials to the final shipped casting.

Mechanical Property Testing

Our in-house capabilities also allow us to perform mechanical property and BHN tests to ensure we are meeting our customer’s strength requirements.

Environmental Policy

We recognize the impact our operations, activities and waste have on the environment. We’re committed to minimizing the adverse effects of these impacts through our Environmental Management System.

  • Continual improvement of the Environmental Management System
  • Pollution prevention through appropriate risk control, while maintaining exceptional service to our customers
  • Compliance with applicable legal environmental requirements

We’re committed to these key Environmental Policy principles:

  • Integrating the consideration of environmental concerns and impacts into applicable decision making activities
  • Setting clear environmental objectives and regularly monitoring the progress made towards achieving them
  • Minimizing the generation of waste and reducing its environmental impact through responsible disposal, reuse and recycling options
  • Minimizing the use and emission to the environment of any hazardous materials used in the company’s processes and activities and sourcing non-hazardous alternatives where commercially viable
  • Working in partnership with suppliers and customers to establish high environmental standards
  • Promoting environmental awareness among employees and training staff about environmental issues that affect their work and their responsibilities in maintaining good environmental management
  • Communicating the company’s Environmental Policy and commitments to all people working for or on behalf of ATEK Metal Technologies

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